lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012

Celtic Music in Bonares

                            Hello!  I'm Alberto, the Music Teacher, and this is the first time I write in this blog. In 2º ESOB , students have been working with a video editor called Kdenlive. This program is free and is installed in their notebooks.
                            This first video is a slide presentation about  CelticMusic. First,they had to look for photos about the Celtic Nations ( Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Bretagne, Asturias..) and the Celtic Instruments ( fiddle,pipes, whistle, bodhran..). Secondly, they grabbed some celtic music in MP3 and added this to the presentation. Some of these videos were uploaded to Youtube so you could watch them on-line.
                       Hope you enjoy them !!!

                                     By Diego Macías y Pablo García

                                 By Cristóbal Limón, Alberto Rodríguez
                                  y   Pablo Martín

                                       By Nuria Carrasco y Lucía Coronel

                                      By Javier Pérez y Alejandro Martín

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